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About me

Not too long ago, I got an outstanding supply within a SOG knife black Trident tanto blade folding and my report is primarily based on the blade.

What I adore the knife:

1. the blade will be each AUS 8A stainless and is 3.75 inches lengthy.
This is an perfect size for your each and every day, since it
nevertheless long sufficiently for a knife that is
valuable in most places, or knife do the ongoing function is legal.

2 simply because the knife open start off observe that the leaf flies way
of the deal with virtually without having work. It is not automatic, so you do not need to have to
to worry, that the difficulty with the police in a lot of areas.

Trident folder are classified like "open care", supplies the
best of both worlds effortless and quick opening with no the legal

Arco Actuador SOG model lock to preserve stress was
tested, direct to several hundred pounds. Hence giving added security, such
as the knife on your finger when you need it most.

three SOG has a function that implements Trident within their truly helpful and
exclusive. The slot in the take care of below the Pocket Clip can be utilized with out beginning the blade for reducing Paracord, wire,
rope, etc..

four Digi-manage delivers a certain grip in the
most unsafe situations. The Pocket Clip is reversible for acceptable or left hand.

five combine AUS 8A stainless steel with cryogenic heat therapy
and what get? Incredible preservation associated with the edges and the effectiveness
of your army knife every complete day. Moreover, there is Jimping
(thumb grooves) on the trunk of the blade, offers you much more cutting energy also.

What I liked:

Hopefully had been to tridents suction available with leaves a bit
far more civil and military servants for the enforcement.


With a value of selling proposed retail from $110, you have
a tough time obtaining a knife with a lot of exciting functions for the income.
SOG Trident tends to make a superb tool to transport every full day by
military, police and fire brigade. Knife collectors appreciate the amount of
craftsmanship and detail that switches into these knives.

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