Best App For College Students

paper help, website To find out which apps college students are obsessed with right now, we asked students from schools across the country one question: "What is the number one app a college student has to have on their phone?" Over 30 students responded and the winner was clear. If you're a college student, you need to have the Facebook app on your phone. "Facebook is a major form of communication in college communities, from group projects to event invitations," one student told Tech Insider (all students were surveyed anonymously).

"It's an oldie, but a goodie that shows me my friends, but more importantly as of late, the news of the world," another student told TI. Still, the students also said it's by no means a perfect app. Several voiced complaints about Facebook requiring a different app to send messages to friends on the platform. "I hate that Facebook made you get a separate messenger app and you have to switch between them," one student explained to TI.

"Super annoying," said another student of the dual apps. Still, these complaints don't seem like they'll be deterring these students from using Facebook anytime soon. "The Facebook Messenger app is somewhat annoying since it crashes all the time," another student said. "But I have to use it if I want to message anyone from there [Facebook]." Read the original article on Tech Insider . Follow Tech Insider on Facebook and Twitter .

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